Grilled Summer Salads

Summer salads are my go-to meals this time of year. There's so much to choose from for fresh local produce and I love adding grilled elements to my salads. The combinations are endless! I have an intuitive way of meal planning... I pop into Pete's Fine Foods to see what is fresh and seasonal, and choose ingredients that go well together.

Bee by the Ocean

Bee grew up in Digby, Nova Scotia. “Being in a coastal town, you're never too far from a beach or some gruff twinkly-eyed fisherman. I love that no matter where you go there's always someone to give a big, old friendly smile to.” She really has this easy-going, authentic, friendly way about her that instantly puts you at ease. Someone I could happily sit with beside a campfire sharing drinks and funny stories.

Mum’s Blueberry Cake

Every so often, I crave a dish that my mom used to make for family dinners and dig out her tattered, handwritten recipe book that’s held precariously together with old masking tape. Recently, I flipped through the yellowed pages in search of the sticky post-it note marking the recipe for “Mum’s Blueberry Cake”.